Roketsan Unveils Man-Portable Antitank Weapon: KARAOK

17 Mayıs 2019

With the new man-portable short range fire-and-forget anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) KARAOK, Roketsan expands its antitank missile products family of effective solutions such as UMTAS (Long Range Anti-Tank Missile System) and OMTAS (Medium Range Anti-Tank Weapon System). With its new KARAOK missile, which was developed within the scope of the Man-Portable Short-Range Fire-and-Forget ATGM Project, Roketsan fulfils the need of the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) through indigenous means.

KARAOK Missile allows special forces and infantry battalions to effectively stop, delay, canalize and neutralize armored and mechanized units at short range during air assault, airborne and amphibious operations. It will be a light and portable system that will allow the necessary tasks to be carried out day or night by means of thermal guidance.


Roketsan, indicates that the development of KARAOK followed on from the experience gained in the maturing of the UMTAS and OMTAS projects: “Roketsan came up with a prominent product family with the UMTAS and OMTAS projects. KARAOK will accomplish a similar task, but with a more limited dimension and weight that can be carried and used by an individual soldier. Of course, it is a very challenging process to keep the terms of reference, but to minimize the dimensions and weight, however our perfect command of technology allowed us to overcome these challenges. KARAOK stands out as an effective and reliable weapon system. Following in the footsteps of UMTAS and OMTAS, KARAOK will also be the leader in its class”.


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