Sterling at Shot Show 2018 with its Expanding Product Family

23 Ocak 2018

Alper ÇALIK /

Turaç will be joining Shot Show 2018 in the United States, one of the world’s most prestigious firearm, shooting and hunting exhibitions, where it will be promoting its small arms ammunition produced under the Sterling brand name. The Sterling family of cartridges, known for its high performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness in the international arena, will be represented at Shot Show 2018 with its rifle cartridges, 9×19 mm pistol cartridges and shot shells. The products displayed at Turaç’s stand will also include 9 mm Victory Sport blank cartridges.

Sterling rifle cartridges come in three different types: .223 Rem. (5.56×45 mm), 7.62×39 mm and .308 Win. (7.62×51 mm). Produced to Sterling’s traditional quality, these cartridges can be used in sporting rifles as well as in M-16, AK-47 and G-3 assault rifles.

The Parabellum FMJ (full metal jacket) and Luger FMJ members of the 9×19 mm pistol cartridge product family stand out with their high performances, with the Luger JHP (jacketed hollow point) capable of inflicting heavy damage to the target. The Subsonic FMJ cartridge, another member of the product family, is distinguished by the fact that its muzzle velocity is lower than the speed of sound, which makes it much quieter than the other 9 mm cartridges, and so is mainly suited to special purpose missions.

The products in Sterling shot shells group and their distinguishing features are as follows:

  • Exclusive series: The pellet number, type of gun powder, wad type, range and muzzle velocity of these shot shells have been optimised for specific game types.
  • Big Game series: These shot shells, developed for big game, can be used to fire various different shots, including buckshot, single slug, Magnum slug and parachute-type shot.
  • Heavy Load series: These shot shells, which should not be fired from regular guns due to the high pressure they create, have been developed especially for sporting guns, namely semi-Magnums, Magnums and 3.5” barrelled weapons.
  • Competition series: This product family, developed for competitive use, such as target shooting, trap and skeet, consists of hard and soft pellets, as well as single slugs.

Explaining that Sterling’s market share has been continually increasing thanks to its price and performance advantages, Fatih Altunbaş, General Manager of Turaç, commented on the products they will be exhibiting at the Shot Show: “We have full confidence that our rifle cartridges, which are now in serial production, will attract great attention at this show, which will be attended both by corporate users and professionals in the industry. Meanwhile, our 9×19 mm pistol cartridges, which have proven themselves repeatedly in international tenders due to their technical features, are generating their own market recognition. In addition, with our range of shot shells of more than 50 types that we have been producing for many years, we are meeting all the needs of competitive shooters as well as game shooters. Shot Show 2018 is the first event of the year for us, and it will be a significant milestone for us on the way to meeting our targets.”

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