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STM to Become TEMSA’s Solution Partner

8 Kasım 2016

STM and TEMSA will cooperate in developing new technologies for smart vehicles. According to the cooperation protocol signed between Davut Yılmaz, General Manager of STM, and Dinçer Çelik, General Manager of TEMSA, in Istanbul on September 5, STM and TEMSA will cooperate in the fields of smart vehicles, big data analytics, Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things (IoT), and cyber security.

Noting that the two leading domestic companies are collaborating to use their engineering experiences on smart vehicle technologies, Dinçer Çelik, General Manager of TEMSA, said: “Within the frame of this cooperation, we plan to enhance the efficiency of the value and solutions of the Smart Mobility software being developed by TEMSA. While it continues to engage in production for the bus market, where it is the market leader, TEMSA is also moving forward with the goal of becoming an innovative and entrepreneur technology enterprise that produces smart transportation solutions, creates value and makes a difference. In line with this vision, the cooperation with STM will greatly contribute to the development of smart vehicles, electric vehicles, and Smart Mobility software known as the SMART 2020-smart factories.”

Davut Yılmaz, General Manager of STM, said during the ceremony that “In our cooperation with TEMSA, the products to be developed as part of the ‘TEMSA Smart Mobility Software’ will synchronise urban transportation with the speed of digital transformation. Overa (Optimisation Data Analytics), the first and only big data analytics platform in Turkey that was indigenously designed by STM and is able to run independently in various sectors besides transportation, will be used in developing technologies for the electric and smart vehicles produced by TEMSA.”

The cooperation will allow STM and TEMSA to develop solutions through advanced data analytics, data science, optimisation implementations, and various software using big data algorithms, for any requirements that might emerge in the context of the Smart Mobility software run by TEMSA. In this process, the cyber security of the data to be obtained from TEMSA smart vehicles will be ensured by solutions that will be developed by STM. Furthermore, using big data analytic applications and data science methods, STM and TEMSA engineers will perform the analysis of the data acquired from sensors in TEMSA vehicles from all around the world. Another aim is to commercialize for the world market smart transportation solutions that will be developed by studying and interpreting all data collected under the TEMSA and STM cooperation through the use of advanced big data analytics, artificial intelligence, and optimisation techniques.

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