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  • Balistik1
    Roketsan’s Ballistic Protection Solutions Proven in the Field

    Diversifying its solutions in the field of ballistic protection, Roketsan has secured a place among the companies whose solutions have proven themselves in the field after a number of its products have successfully completed field missions. Having...

    • Mayıs 30, 2019
  • BORA
    Developed to Hit Priority Targets, KHAN Offers Life Cycle Advantage to Missile Troops

    The 610 mm KHAN missile, developed and manufactured by Roketsan, stands out in terms of its range, accuracy and effectiveness, as well as the advantage it offers to its users throughout its life cycle. Capable of hitting...

    • Mayıs 29, 2019
    CİRİT Continues to Prove Itself in the Field

    The 2.75” Laser-Guided Missile CİRİT, which has been developed with an innovative approach by Roketsan, is a leader in its class of products thanks to its distinctive characteristics and performance. Used both by the Turkish Armed Forces...

    • Mayıs 29, 2019
    HİSAR Air Defence Missiles Have Reached the Test Stage

    The HİSAR Air Defence Missile family, which was developed to meet the low and medium-altitude air defence requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) have now reached the test firing stage, using the warheads of the tactical...

    • Mayıs 28, 2019
  • MAM_L_C
    Roketsan’s Smart Micro Munition Product Family Continues to Prove Itself in the Field

    The Smart Micro Munition product family developed by Roketsan to meet current and future combat requirements, consisting of MAM-L and MAM-C versions, continues to perform as promised in combat operations. The Smart Micro Munition, which can be...

    • Mayıs 28, 2019
  • SOM-J
    New Generation Cruise Missiles SOM Product Family

    Work on the serial production and development of different versions of the Stand-Off Missile (SOM), which has been developed as an air-to-ground/surface cruise missile to meet the requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces and those of friendly...

    • Mayıs 27, 2019
  • Teber1
    TEBER Laser Guidance Kit Rejuvenates General Purpose Bombs

    The TEBER Laser Guidance Kit developed by Roketsan turns free-fall general purpose bombs into guided munitions, capable of hitting their targets with high precision from long distances. TEBER can be integrated with MK-81 and MK-82 series general...

    • Mayıs 27, 2019
  • TRG-122
    Roketsan Gives 122 mm Rockets Guidance Capability with TRG-122

    Roketsan is adding a guidance capability to 122 mm rocket systems, which is popular among the armed forces around the world, with the launch of the TRG-122. Boasting high accuracy, the TRG-122 enables its user to maintain...

    • Mayıs 24, 2019
  • TRG-230
    New Member of Roketsan’s Surface-to-Surface Missile Family: TRG-230

    The TRG-230 Missile, which was unveiled at the IDEF’17 event, is extending Roketsan’s surface-to-surface missile family with a new calibre. TRG-230 can be used at distances of 20 to 70 kilometres with its high accuracy and effective...

    • Mayıs 24, 2019
  • Resim5
    Roketsan Provides High Precision to 300 mm Missiles through TIGER

    Developed and manufactured by Roketsan, the TRG-300 (TIGER) Missile is a 300 mm weapon system that offers high accuracy thanks to its special guidance system. Capable of providing timely, accurate and heavy fire support for maneuvering units,...

    • Mayıs 23, 2019