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  • Resim4 - C - STM
    CyDecSys Decision Support System: STM’s New Trump Card in Cybersecurity

    STM introduced its newly-developed CyDecSys Cybersecurity Decision Support System at a press conference held in Ankara on October 31. As a system that can be tasked with important roles in the protection of large-scale organisations against cyber...

    • Ocak 17, 2019
  • STM CTF - C - STM
    Now Traditional STM “Capture the Flag” Event Continues to Develop with Novelties

    STM recently hosted the annual “STM Capture the Flag” (CTF) cybersecurity competition, which has now become somewhat of a tradition in the sector. To match the growing interest in the event and to give everyone a chance...

    • Ocak 17, 2019
  • STMThink
    STM Warns of Cyber Threats on Social Media

    Alper ÇALIK / On October 27, STM published its Cyber Threat Status Report for the third quarter of 2018 covering the July–September period, addressing such topics as cyber attacks, malware, cyber vulnerabilities and the cybersecurity infrastructure,...

    • Aralık 20, 2018
  • STM_SHGM_ziyaret - C - STM
    STM Describes its Capabilities to Directorate General of Civil Aviation

    Alper ÇALIK / As a company that offers a broad range of services in the field of aviation, such as design, certification and consultancy, STM was visited on October 4 by the Directorate General of Civil...

    • Aralık 19, 2018
    STM’s Euronaval Push Results in a New Project and New Collaboration

    Alper ÇALIK / STM signed two important contracts in the field of naval defence at the Euronaval 2018 exhibition held in Paris. The first of these is a protocol covering the development of new underwater optical...

    • Aralık 18, 2018
  • STM_Derin_arayislar - C - STM_2
    New Submarine Concepts to Compete in STM’s Deep Quests Contest

    Alper ÇALIK / In a press bulletin released on October 27, STM announced the launch of a new submarine design and technologies contest named “Deep Quests” (Derin Arayışlar), which aims to encourage the development of indigenous...

    • Aralık 17, 2018
  • İlhami Keleş, Vice Chairman, Defence and Aerospace Industry Manufacturers Association
    ASELSAN and STM’s Participation Bolsters SAHA Istanbul’s Strength

    Alper ÇALIK / Exhibiting a tremendously rapid growth since it was first established in 2015, SAHA Istanbul has further bolstered its strength with the participation of two giants of the Turkish defence and aerospace sector, ASELSAN...

    • Aralık 16, 2018
  • STM_kargu - C - MSI Dergisi
    No Escape from STM’s Kamikaze Drone, KARGU

    The special coverage published in the 58th issue of MSI Turkish Defence Review (TDR) is below:   The Autonomous Tactical Multi-Rotor Attack Drone developed by STM got a thumbs up during the precision strike tests held at...

    • Eylül 18, 2018
  • bilisim_500 - C - BThaber
    HAVELSAN, STM and Türksat Confirmed Leaders in Informatics

    In an Informatics 500 Study conducted by the BThaber Corporate Group, HAVELSAN, STM and Türksat came first in numerous categories. Being conducted for the 19th time this year, the study is the based on data from 2017....

    • Eylül 12, 2018
  • MSI_Dergisi_STM_AGOSTA_2
    Pakistan’s 2nd Submarine Entrusted to STM

    The contract signing ceremony for the second submarine under the Pakistan Navy’s Agosta 90B Class Submarine Modernisation Project was held at the premises of Pakistan’s Ministry of Defence Production,  with the attendance of representatives from Pakistan’s Ministry...

    • Mart 5, 2018