TEI Inaugurates Additive Manufacturing Workshop with Ceremony Attended by Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir

25 Ocak 2019
TEI_SSB_ziyaret - C -TEI

Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir, President of Defence Industries, paid a visit to TEI’s Eskişehir facilities on November 12, accompanied by Serdar Demirel and Dr. Celal Sami Tüfekçi, the Vice Presidents of Defence Industries.

The visit started with a briefing hosted by Prof. Dr. Mahmut Faruk Akşit, President and CEO of TEI, and continued with a tour of the facilities. After first observing on-site the ongoing works for the PD170 turbodiesel engine that will power the ANKA unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), Prof. Dr. Demir and his accompanying delegation then inaugurated TEI’s Additive Manufacturing Workshop.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Prof. Dr. Akşit said, “Due to the numerous advantages it offers to both production and design, additive manufacturing is seeing increasing use in defence and aerospace technologies. As a result, the larger aviation companies that supply products around the world are allocating substantial research budgets to this subject, in a shift from conventional production techniques towards the use of towards additive manufacturing in critical components. The Presidency of Defence Industries has, in recent years, taken important steps to stay abreast of this technology from the very start, initiating such projects as YAKUT, ELEKTRON and ATOM. Benefitting from [the SSB’s] support, we have completed the necessary studies at the same time as the world’s leading engine companies, and have started to employ this technology in the production of our indigenous engines.”

In his speech, Prof. Dr. Demir said that such projects represent the unseen side of the Presidency of Defence Industries, which is supporting the defence sector with many other projects that do not appear on centre stage.

Following the inauguration, the tour continued with a visit to the testing area of the TS1400 turboshaft engine (which will be used aboard the T625 helicopter), where the delegation witnessed a test demonstration of the core engine.

The TS1400, which is Turkey’s first indigenous helicopter engine, has a maximum take-off power of 1,400 shp at sea level, although the engine can also generate 1,660 shp of maximum power at sea level for 30 seconds in cases of emergency. The engine is still under development, with target parameters such as a service ceiling of 20,000 feet and a shaft exit speed of 23,000 rpm.

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