The Middle East Military Technology Conference at BIDEC Examines the Importance of Tech Solutions for Defence

6 Ağustos 2019

The Middle East Military Technology Conference (MEMTEC) will be held alongside Bahrain International Defence Exhibition & Conference (BIDEC), between 28-30 October 2019.

MEMTEC will discuss matters including the current status and future of military technology, cyber defence strategies, the impact of artificial intelligence on the functions of armed forces, the use of military technology to develop simulation models of war, the impact of military technology on regional conflicts, and the future of military industries in Middle East. MEMTEC aims to showcase how global developments and advancements in the defence sector will reshape conflicts in the Middle East.

H.E. Dr Shaikh Abdulla bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, Chairman of MEMTEC and Chairman of DERASAT, spoke about the conference: “Bahrain is a force for peace and global understanding. We have understood well the importance of military alliances to establish security and stability in the world in cooperation with friendly countries. The importance of military technology in the development of armed forces and in responding to threats to national security as well as its role in minimising post-conflict impact is undoubted. MEMTEC will examine the challenges facing this technology.”

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