TTAF Electronics Turns Night into Day with GOLYAT

24 Aralık 2018

Alper ÇALIK /

TTAF Electronics, sister company of TTAF Defence, that is noted for its lighting solutions, has completed the development of its long-range area scanning projector GOLYAT. Developed for the perimeter security of strategically important facilities such as critical bases, airports, dams and power plants, GOLYAT provides illumination with a power of 300 Watts.

Using LED technologies, GOLYAT can be automatically guided to a designated target from the control panel installed on it, or can be remote controlled using a wireless joystick when needed. Developed for fixed installations, the system can, owing to its 65 kilogram weight, also be vehicle-mounted, as long as the necessary electrical power can be sourced. The system can rotate 360 degrees without limitation horizontally, and can tilt 25 degrees up and 25 degrees down, for a total movement capability of 50 degrees, on a vertical plane. The device can illuminate a 31 metre-wide area at a distance of 250 metres with a light intensity of 27 lux. The system’s illumination capacity at different distances is as follows:

  • 6 lux at a 1000-metre range, with a light cone width of 125 metres.
  • 4 lux at a 2000-metre range, with a light cone width of 250 metres.



TTAF Electronics has already successfully completed the field testing of the product, bringing it to the serial production stage, and the system is now ready to undergo further tests in line with the specific demands of potential users.

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