Turaç’s C.I.P.-Certified Cartridges also on Display at IWA 2018

9 Mart 2018

Alper ÇALIK / savunmahaber.com

Attaching great importance to cooperating with international solution partners, Turaç is attending IWA 2018, one of Europe’s most prestigious firearms, shooting and hunting exhibitions, to develop new collaborations. At the exhibition, which is being held in Nuremberg, Germany, between March 9 and 12, Turaç is showcasing its Sterling brand pistol, rifle and shotgun cartridges. Among the cartridges on display are the company’s products with C.I.P. certification – which is granted by the C.I.P. and is necessary for the sale of ammunition in its member states that are mostly in Europe.

The most popular C.I.P.-certified Turaç products to be showcased at the exhibition are the 9×19 mm Sterling pistol cartridge family. The leading high-performance members of this product family are the Parabellum FMJ (full metal jacket) and Luger FMJ. The Luger JHP (jacketed hollow point) cartridges also stand out with their high destructive power, with shells that deform immediately after striking the target, thus increasing their cross-section area. Meanwhile, the Subsonic FMJ outrivals its competitors with its low level of noise, which results from the fact that the muzzle velocity of the shell is lower than the speed of sound. With a muzzle velocity of 290 m/s, this product has been developed for deployment in special missions.

Another C.I.P.-certified Turaç product family is the Sterling shot shells product group. Manufactured in gauges of 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32 and 36, these shot shells can be used in a wide range of applications, including shooting sports and hunting. These products, all of which have been developed for specific areas of use, are offered to the users in a wide spectrum. The members of this product family and their outstanding features are as follows:

  • Exclusive series: The pellet number, gunpowder type, wad type, range, and muzzle velocity of these shot shells are optimised for specific game types.
  • Big Game series: These shot shells, developed for big game, can be used to fire various different shots, including buckshot, single slug, Magnum slug and parachute-type shot.
  • Heavy Load series: These shot shells, which should not be fired from regular guns due to the high pressures they generate, have been developed especially for sporting guns, namely semi-Magnums, Magnums and 3.5”-barrelled weapons.
  • Competition series: This product family has been developed for competitive use in target, trap and skeet shooting, and consist of hard and soft pellets, as well as single slugs.
  • Less-Lethal series: This cartridge family, which is the primary choice of security forces, was developed for use in riot incidents. The lethality of this cartridge family has been reduced significantly, and these cartridges can either fire single slugs, buckshot or two balls, all made of rubber. This product family, which is lethal at distances of less than 10 metres, also includes blank cartridges and pyrotechnic signal cartridges.
  • Elegance series: Ideal for quail, duck, goose, partridge and rabbit hunting, these low-recoil cartridges are made of 100 percent lead slugs, and offer a high hit rate.
  • Tactical series: Comprising three members, namely Sheriff, Shershen and Bolide, this product family offers high penetration capability, and has been developed especially for hunting thicker-skinned game.

In this year’s exhibition, Turaç will also be exhibiting for the first time its rifle cartridges, which are now about to enter serial production. As the primary choice of hunting and shooting sports enthusiasts, this product family includes the 5.56×45 mm (.223 Rem.), 7.62×51 mm (.308 Win.) and 7.62×39 mm cartridges, which can be used in all rifles manufactured according to the former NATO standards, the new NATO standards and the former Eastern Bloc standards, respectively.

Commenting on the products to be displayed at the exhibition, Fatih Altunbaş, General Manager of Turaç, said: “We had set off with the philosophy of offering our customers the best products at the lowest costs, and our products are now seeing use in many important countries, including Germany and France. The number of countries in our customer portfolio has reached levels that can be considered as a record for our sector. Our intention is to establish new collaborations at IWA 2018, and utilise these collaborations to have our products – which stand out with their cost-effectiveness – reach a broader range of users.”


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