Ekim 2014/3 – MSI Dergisi: Türk Savunma ve Havacılık Sanayisinin Güncel Referans Bilgi Kaynağı ve Yenilik Habercisi

Ekim 2014/3

30 Aralık 2014

4          INTERVIEW / Prof. Dr. İsmail DEMİR, Undersecretary for Defence Industries3

“Equal Opportunities Should be Ensured and Competition Should be

Increased for the Development of Turkey’s Defence Industries”


16        Latif Aral ALİŞ, Chairman of the Board of Directors of both Defence and Aerospace Industry Exporters’ Association (SSI) and Turkish Defence Alliance (TDA)

“ICDDA: Great Opportunity for Defence Industry”


18        DEFENCE NEWS

The Increase in Defence and Aerospace Exports Continues

ASELSAN Returns from Poland and Republic of South Africa with its Hands Full

Turkish Air Force Unleashes the Potential of A400M

There are Two HÜRKUŞ Aircrafts in the Sky

FNSS MILDESIGN Continues From Where It Left

The Climb of ASELSAN and TUSAŞ Through Top 100 List Continues

The Legend of Kılınç 2000 Mega Continues

TAI Flight Test Engineering Team Granted Award in the US


30        INTERVIEW / Bilal AKTAŞ, Head of Industrialization Department, SSM

              “A powerful defence industry is possible only through continuous

              self-development and coordination of the actors within the sector”


42        INTERVIEW / Orhan AYDIN, Chairman of the Board of Directors, OSTİM

              Turkey’s Industrialization Model: OSTİM


48        Stéphane Castet, CEO of BCI Aerospace

              “BCI Aerospace is Proud to be a Part of ICDDA Ankara”


50        INTERVIEW / Mithat ERTUĞ, Chairman of the Board of Directors, OSSA & Hilal ÜNAL, Coordinator, OSSA

              OSSA Gains Ground with ICDDA on Its Way to be a World Brand


54        INTERVIEW / Muharrem DÖRTKAŞLI, CEO and President of TAI

              From Indigenous Capabilities to Indigenous Platforms,

              TAI Becomes Aerospace Powerhouse


64        INTERVIEW / Feras MOUALLA, Area Sales Manager of NI

              National Instruments is Ready to Support Turkey Towards 2023 Goals


68        Benchmarking for Metal Additive Manufacturing


72        Saab Continues Its Successful Industrial Cooperation Activities with Brazil


74        FNSS’ Approved Supplier Family Grows


78        SDT’s Military Simulation & Training Solutions


80        INTERVIEW / Tolga DOĞANCIOĞLU, General Manager of Hexagon Studio

              Reliable Partner: Hexagon Studio


84       GUMUSH Establishes Itself as Pico and Nanosatellite Design House

            METALTEK for Chemicals and Accredited Laboratory Tests


86        Azerbaijan Says Hello with ADEX

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