Sayı: Nisan 2014/1 – MSI Dergisi: Türk Savunma ve Havacılık Sanayisinin Güncel Referans Bilgi Kaynağı ve Yenilik Habercisi

Sayı: Nisan 2014/1

26 Aralık 2014

4     Turkish Defence Industry Continues1

Sharing Its Expertise and Knowledge

DSA from Past to Today



6          Turkish Defence and Aerospace Industry is Growing

Latif Aral ALİŞ


8          INTERVIEW / Ümit BAYRAKTAR, K. Burak CODUR

Head of the International Cooperation Department

of the SSM Yakup Taşdelen:

“There is no single and clear formula for export”


16        INTERVIEW / Ümit BAYRAKTAR, K. Burak CODUR

K. Nail Kurt, General Manager and CEO of FNSS

The World’s Superlative M113 Modernization Solution

by the FNSS


22        Barbaros TMTG-2014 Gets Underway to Break New Ground

Özgür Deniz KAYA


26        TAI Inspirations for Centennial Year of the Turkish Republic, 2023


28        With a Broader Product Range, ROKETSAN is Getting Ready

for the Future with R&D Investments


30        Cobra Legend Continues with Cobra II

Dr. Savaş BİÇER


32        Turkish Air Force is Number One with HAVELSAN



36        Paths of SSM and ASELSAN Cross in Kazakhstan



40        STM Sets Sail on the Seas of the World


42        FNSS: The Leading Partner of Malaysia for Armoured Vehicles

Dr. Savaş BİÇER


44        The Wireless Revolution

ASELSAN Tactical Communications Superiority

Leads the Way to Operational Success


48        KARAYEL Becomes Prominent for its Performance and Safety

K. Burak CODUR


52        Sarsılmaz Starts Countdown for SAR 109



56        The Natural Companion to Armoured Vehicles:

ACV19 Tracked Logistic Carrier


58        A NATO Qualified Pistol: Stoeger Cougar 8000


59        MIZRAK-U Started Guided Launch Tests with a Direct Hit


60        ASELSAN Relies on Strong Local Partnerships in

Cooperation with the Asian Armed Forces


62        FNSS Creates PARS 6×6 All Over

Dr. Savaş BİÇER


68        Peace Eagle Takes Off from the North:

The South, the East and the West are Next

K. Burak CODUR, Özgür Deniz KAYA


70        Advanced and Proven Simulation and Training

Solutions for Navies

Şebnem ASİL


72        From Myth to the Real Life: Otokar TULPAR


74        SSM and OSSA to Continue Keep Going with ICDDA


76        ROKETSAN will Exhibit CİRİT in Germany


76        Vestel Defence Makes DSA Debut with UAV Systems


78        Proven Self Propelled Mortar Systems from FNSS

Dr. Savaş BİÇER


80        Details of the General Purpose Helicopter

Project Getting Clearer

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